ATC PTSC Announcements

Your contact information will only be used by the school and PTSC to send you school-related announcements and to coordinate volunteer efforts. It will never be shared with third-parties.
We are working to update parent contact lists to ensure that the entire ATC community receives school-related announcements. Please be sure to indicate whether you currently receive automated phone calls (robocalls) or email messages addressed from Principal Lumley.
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Do you currently receive the robocalls that Principal Lumley sends to parents?
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Do you currently receive email announcements sent by Principal Lumley?
Teachers and staff need help in the classroom during the school day.
We're putting together an ATC parent business network.
The PTSC puts on several fundraising events and needs parent volunteer help.
Are you willing to donate your time and skills to help the school? Accounting, Carpentry, Electrician, Landscaping, Marketing, etc.
PTSC will list you in their parent business directory
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